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Jackie Chan's Chinese Zodiac Trailer

RT @EyeOfJackieChan: Jackie's back!Watch a teaser of what Jackie calls "the most authentic Kung Fu Jackie Chan movie" yet: Chinese Zodiac ...

Jackie Chan in front of the camera, Jackie Chan behind the camera, Jackie Chan wrote the script, Jackie Chan as Director - It could be Good :-) @safegaard

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New QuNeo 3D Multi-Touch Portable iPad-Sized Music Controller | Gadgets News

Keith McMillen Instruments announced the next generation of music software and hardware controllers for electronic musicians, DJs, VJs and DIY hackers, the QuNeo 3D Multi-Touch Controller.

Great new tool for people who work with music. If you have anything to do with music editing or making you must see this Article. @safegaard

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Peace On Earth. Classic Christmas cartoon. MGM 1939.

Peace On Earth. Classic Christmas cartoon. MGM 1939.

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Funny Cartoon of the Week December 14, 2011 - doctor Glasbergen ...

All cartoons excerpted from the Funny Times. We post a new cartoon every Wednesday and keep a complete archive of old toons. Fame is fleeting, satire endures forever! doctor Glasbergen medical.

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A Spirited Contest for Worst Christmas Movie Ever

Fandango polled its customers about their favorite terrible Christmas movie, and the winner is a treasure from 1964.

It's so bad it's actually funny. I had a big laugh when i saw this trailer - believe me, you haven't seen anything worth than that :-)    @safegaard

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Singing Christmas Hedgehogs

Pick your hedgehog! See more funny films at Created by Ant Blades Sound by Tom Drew (pick your singing hedgehog!


Very very different use of YouTube. Here is an INTERACTIVE video who actually demand you to push bottens to work. It's Genius and very very funny. What a creative and great idea. See for your self :-)   @safegaard

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Corey Langelotti – NYEON: a short film « Safegaard – Movie Theater

"safegaard: There is absolutely no text attached to this movie. It's not importent. It's all about the Animation and the music and it's very good. Soundtrack is "Dance" inspired. Story is about the last minutes of a working day and how long they can be."

Its very well made. Enjoy :-)  @safegaard

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3D Handycam By Sony

Introducing the first ever 3D Digital Handycam from sony and the sony HDR-TD10 was the one of the 3D product which is going to be slashed in the market soon in...

Looks pretty good - don't you think?   @safegaard

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Incredibly Surreal 3D Street Art Illusions - My Modern Metropolis

If you were impressed by Joe Hill's 3D street murals, you'll appreciate Eduardo Rolero's shockingly amazing street art illusions.

Surreal is the keyword here - they are so good :-)   @safegaard

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Plainfield filmmaker Alrick Brown's feature-length debut lands on Roger Ebert's 'Best Films 2011'

Pulitzer Prize-winning Chicago Sun-Times film critic Roger Ebert is well-known as someone who can be more than a little harsh to movies he doesn't enjoy — just take his review of the 1994 film 'North,' in which he used the word 'hated' 10 times in...

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GetOut – Best Animated Short Film 2009 « Safegaard – Movie Theater

A brilliant Animation of an Mental Patient and all his struggle :-)

GetOut – Best Animated Short Film 2009  by sylveso

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Wings 3D

Oooo... A non-blender open source 3D modeller that looks good.


It seems to run on must systems and you can just download the version that fit bets for you. @safegaard

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G.I. Joe: Retaliation Official Trailer

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson stars in G.I. Joe: Retaliation, in theaters June 29, 2012. Director: Jon M.


Hollywood action on steroids - Bruce Willis is one of the actors in this movie who looks like a cocktail of War, Ninja, James Bond, etc. mixed together in just one Movie.


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Events/Places in Second Life

Much like real life, there are many events that take place every day in Second Life.  Events including, parties at clubs, carnivals, and shopping sales occur on a daily basis in SL.  The events a...

See it on, via Machinimania Releases Web Media Live Encoder for HD Encoding, with Flash P2P RTMFP support

Web Media Live Encoder HD :

- encoding in browser via Flash Player up to HD resolution

- RTMFP support with P2P player

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